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Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

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The Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon Tree offers year-round flower and fruit production, making it an eye-catching and fragrant ornamental tree. It’s also an abundant source of mildly flavored, juicy lemons. The less acidic flavor of the large, deep yellow fruit comes from the fact that it is a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange.

This sturdy tree grows equally well indoors and outside, in containers or in the ground. And because it is highly adaptive, it will do well just about anywhere in the islands.

Growing Tips*

  • Needs at least six hours of sunlight. Indoor trees do well in morning sunlight and afternoon shade.
  • Does best in nitrogen-rich, well-draining soil.
  • Never let soil dry out completely, but take care not to over-water the tree.
  • Fertilize every eight to 12 weeks with a balanced fertilizer for the first year or two.
  • To grow larger lemons, prune before fruit appears.
  • Use Integrated Pest Management to identify the pest and reduce damage.
  • Harvest at maturity when the fruit is golden in color.

Discover a multitude of ways you can use the harvest of your Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon Tree in your favorite recipes.

*These Growing Tips are general in nature. Environments and conditions vary. For specific advice on your growing environment, talk to one of our specialists at a Ko’olau Farmers near you.


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