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Hapu'u Tree Fern Fibers

Hapuu Tree Fern


Hapuu Tree Fern shreds and chunks make an excellent potting medium for your orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums, and other epiphytes.

In their natural, tropical environment, epiphytes grow on top of other plants or on the sides of tree trunks. They gain moisture and nutrition from the surrounding air and the plants they live on. As a result, they don’t require much soil to survive.

If you’re going to grow them in pots, epiphytes need good air flow and drainage. Traditional potting soil tends to retain water and reduce air flow. This creates a poor environment for these colorful, tropical flowers. Hapuu Tree Fern shreds and chunks, on the other hand, allow water to quickly drain from the pot and air to flow through the root system.

How to Use Hapuu Tree Fern Shreds and Chunks as a Potting Medium

  • The shreds work well in small pots and the chunks in larger pots.
  • Wear gloves when potting as the shreds and chunks can be rough on your skin.
  • Water on a regular basis to keep the medium moist. Make sure water is able to drain completely from the pot.
  • Fertilizing on a regular basis is also important since the shreds and chunks contain little nutrition. Use a balanced fertilizer appropriate to the specific flower you are growing.

Your orchids, bromeliads, and anthuriums will thank you with good health when you pot them in Hapuu Tree Fern shreds and chunks.


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