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Weekly Specials

    Dates: August 21st - 28th

Spectacular Dwarf Citrus Tree Sale!

August 21st - 28th

(808) 247-3911

Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

Fruits almost year round. Very juicy, with mild flavor!

$29.99   Save $5.00

Dwarf Mexican Key Lime Tree

Valued for tart flavor! Known as Bartender's Lime!

$29.99   Save $5.00

Dwarf Washington Navel Orange Tree

Most popular variety in Hawaii! Sweet, juicy fruits!

$29.99   $5.00

Dwarf Bearss Tahitian Lime Tree

Seedless fruits are larger than key lime!

$29.99   Save $5.00

Banana Trees

Dwarf Apple, Williams, Double Mahoi, and more!

$14.99   Save $3.00   6" pot

Ghost Peppers

Orange, yellow, red, chocolate, and more!

$14.99   Save $5.00   6" pot

Dwarf Japanese Maple Joji Tree

One of the only maple trees that will grow in Hawaii!

Starting at $49.99  

Double Rose Pikake

Produces large, fragrant, double flowers!

$11.99   Save $3.00   1 gal. pot

Spathoglottis Garden Orchids

Showy flower spikes will bloom throughout the year! Assorted colors!


Phalaenopsis Orchids

Long-lasting flowers!

Starting at $24.99  

Pom Pom Mum Bouquets

Colorful assortment of varieties to choose from!

$6.99     per bunch

Local Solo Papayas

Sweet, firm fruits!

$1.89      per pound

Coco Coir Bricks

100% natural & renewable alternative to peat moss!

$11.99    Save $3.00   per brick

Hapuu Tree Fern

Shreds or chunks - your choice!

$19.99   Save $5.00

Gardner & Bloome Organic Potting Soil

The perfect container mix to grow your plants! 1 cu. ft.

$9.99   Save $3.00

Niu Nursery Chicken Manure

Rich, composted manure that will enrich your soil!

$5.99   Save $2.00   3/4 cu. ft.